Wedding Day Stylist

 I provide onsite Steaming, Pinning, and wardrobe prep. for the entire wedding party. Prepared with a professional kit of sewing supplies & all “In case of emergency” needs. All parts of the party will be properly dressed with all the right tools. Assuring the whole party is prepared and  perfect to walk down the aisle.  After the wedding ceremony, I will Bustle the Bride’s dress, so you don’t stress about it. Leaving everyone at the party relaxed and at ease. 

We also will assist with any wardrobe changes during or after the wedding. If the bride or the party has multiple wardrobe changes we will be on standby to assist. Providing each garment is intact and ready for the customer. If needed we assist in helping the groom and groomsmen get properly prepared. Including steaming the tux/suit, properly pressing the garment &  sewing on any missing buttons or tacks. After the prep is complete I remain on standby to assure the job is complete.

Duties & Qualifications:

-Steaming of bridal gown & bridesmaid dresses

-Steaming and pressing of the Grooms Wardrobe 

-Bustling the Wedding Gown 

-Properly Dressing the Bride & Bridesmaids

-Attend to all wardrobe “emergencies” of the day. (shoe issues, snags, stains, etc.)

-Providing any small or minor last-minute alterations 


Consultation & Payment:

 I require a 30 min consultation to gain the proper information for the perfect wedding day prep. Within this consultation, we will discuss the details of dress colors (For matching threads). The number of members in the whole party (Bridesmaids & Groomsmen). Any minor or major details for the bride or bridal party, including fragrant allergies & more. This will ensure I have all the proper tools to provide the perfect service for your perfect day.

Upon consultation with you, I will inform you of the pricing for the job. Where I will inform you with Our Standard Pricing along with any additional cost. (covering gas/travel, party sizing, and more). I only take payment through Skinflints, “Paypal Or Zelle”. The payment must be paid to me at least 48 hrs before the event. If the payment is not sent/received before the event I am obligated to cancel the job. I will provide you with a proper/professional receipt or invoice.  This will provide both parties with the proper paperwork needed. 

Zelle: (252)-327-5324  (Tamara Mckinney)

Paypal: @Skinflintscloset