Do Ambassador's receive free Clothing?

Unfortunately, you do not. Skinflints Closet is a small business. If we give out free clothing to everyone then we would not have anything left to sell.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Unfortunately we will not be accepting Brand Ambassador's. We are not looking or seeking for any now or in the future. Thank you for your interest, The fact you love our products so much we hope you purchase with us. 

 How do I purchase a custom Item that I like?

If you would like to purchase a Skinflints Closet Custom Product you are more than welcome to contact us through Email or through the site about Items you're interested in.

  • How Does the Clothing Look on Regular People?

All of the models are regular women/Girls with different body types. We know every body is different and we try our best to show that in our photo's. How you see the photo on the Site is How it looks an average female.

  • How do I become a Skinflints Closet Model?

To become a Skinflints Closet model you can email us or you if you live in the surrounding area (Greenville NC). We will be glad to work with you and grow together as a team. We will need additional information including a signed contract.